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BSDH Bolivian Sustainable Development Hub is helping organizations to advance their sustainability goals.  We aim as consultants to promote services and products that have a particularly high environmental profile. We can carry out your CSR projects, carbon footprint reduction projects and find markets for your Clean Technology products.


Bolivian Sustainable Development Hub supports and executes projects focused in the following fields:


Water treatment

Energy efficiency projects & CO2-reduction

Waste management

Green building & urban development

Air quality control

Energy efficient transportation

Sustainable agriculture

Eco design and innovation processes


We carry out feasibility studies, design suitable country strategies and green marketing strategies. If you are planning to establish a business or carry out sustainability projects in Bolivia. We can ensure your participation in CSR, Sustainable Development forums and fairs.


BSDH can get you to match-making activities on Clean Tech investments and business opportunities for suppliers. We can find  and introduce you to potential multilateral projects for a greener future.


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We commit to help you reach your sustainability goals.




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