Our Code of Conduct

BSDH´s  members and consultants will promote:

Good business practices with all partners. Ensure that we only have trusted business partners in the network

Avoid situations in which we think there´s risk for:

·        Bribes

·        Blackmail

·        Corruption


Our mission is guided by four ethical principles:

Human- biosphere interdependency has value as the earth doesn’t belong to us; we belong to the earth, as we are part of a vast ecosystem we are only entitled to coexist with it promoting ecosystems as a service.

Human- human interdependence, we believe that when it comes to find solutions to climate change are we dealing with a threat for the future of humankind and we have to deal with it not only as independent nations or regions but as people.

Generational equity: BSDH has to work for adaptation to climate change not only for the generation living today but also for the coming generations.

Participatory decision making is necessary to act as a flat organizational design with the full participation of members according to BSDH Constitution Act without any discrimination against any person because of race, gender or nationality as all persons are welcome to share the vision of BSDH. You can read about our environmental policy here.

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