Be the natural partner to find solutions for sustainable development in Bolivia.


Support the transition to develop the human and natural resources potential in a holistic way. We are paving the way to ensure a virtuous circle of development in which our societies can live in harmony with nature, using technologies that donít harm the environment and create opportunities for green jobs and welfare.

BSDH creates value in three key areas:

∑    Partnership-building between companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities. BSDH strives to open doors and match business opportunities in Bolivia with leading competencies.


∑    Opportunity spotting and market insights providing up-to-date information on projects, funding, tests and demonstrations.


∑    Entrepreneurship and innovation activities supporting Clean Tech startups and SME's with international market assessments, overviews of funding sources and value-adding international partnerships.



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We commit to help you to reach your sustainability goals




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